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I’ve never personally heard “dangerous” used in connection with IT and project management.  I have listened to a fair number of complaints by IT folks at several levels who disagree with having non-IT experienced project managers running IT projects, despite being qualified PMs who had experience in other fields.  (Fair disclosure: I’ve heard the same complaint with engineers vs. non-engineering PMs, accountants/financial analysts vs. non-accounting/finance PMs, etc.  I’ve also heard non-IT PMs complain about IT personnel, projects, communication & work styles, etc.)

From past experience, it hasn’t always been successful applying pure PMI practices to certain IT projects due to factors such as: 1) lack of familiarity among IT stakeholders with PMI process; 2) fluidity of IT workflow; 3) rapid change environment; and 4) dissonance between expectations.  I’m not entirely sure about your company or department’s present situation, but it reads as though your CIO feels somewhat threatened by project management… perhaps a threat to his autonomy, influence, or status quo?