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This may not be the answer you are looking for, but MPUG is a great resource.  The books will give you good insights into the “how”.  But many of us out here in the real world have learned what works for our environment and what works for others.  Project Server is very powerful, and like any other tool, you need to use it in the manner that best matches your environment.  Where I work, we spent a great deal of time setting up our resource team “by the book”.  We found half of the information we put in was never leveraged, nor updated which made it a detriment when newcomers came to the organization and thought the information was accurate.

It really helps to bounce ideas off people to determine what you are really looking to leverage. 

If you work in a place that has resource managers, and I can’t stress this enough, they need to be included in the discussion.  In fact, ideally they need to drive the discussion by conveying what steps they take in determining project allocations, individual availability, and administrative activities…

So with that little teaser, I recommend having conversations with others.  Local MPUG chapters (mine is here in Raleigh-Durham, NC) will help you network with others. 

You can do this alone with a few books.  Just like changing the oil on a car, you can read a manual and do it yourself; just know it may be pretty messy.  Go beyond the book, and ask your community how they do it.  You don’t need to hire a mechanic (consultant), but leverage the experience that others have.