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Thanks Larry for your quick response.

No, I don’t want the tasks all in one line. I want one task per row. If you look at Step 1 in the article you sent me, it shows a picture with multiple tasks in a row which I don’t want. I know I can manually move each tasks so it displays in a separate row but can this be done automatically?

Also, I have played around with the callouts but it doesn’t seem to overlap the task. Like you said it resides at the top or bottom of the timeline. Again if you look at Step 1 of the article, it shows milestones at the bottom. For example, it shows ‘production complete’ as a milestone. I will need to create about 50 of these same milestones, some of which might have the same date. When doing so, it looks very messy even if I use callouts and it is confusing as to which task has reached that milestone. Does that make sense? I am trying to organize all of the projects within my org, each project being a task and each milestone being something like ‘training, release date, etc.’ which is going to be the same across all projects. If the milestones cannot overlap the tasks, what is another way to accomplish this? I have been researching and playing around with Project for a week now and still haven’t found a solution.