MPUG Category: Project Management Office (PMO) Training

View our curated selection of Project Management Office (PMO) best practices and techniques. The training covers a range of topics related to managing and supporting ongoing projects within an organization, including project planning, risk management, budgeting, and stakeholder communication. The materials in this archive may include presentation slides, handouts, exercise sheets, and other resources used during the training program. The collection is intended for PMO staff and other project management professionals looking to improve their skills and knowledge in these areas. By accessing these materials, viewers will be able to review the content of the training program and learn more about effective PMO management techniques.a

From Planning to Delivery: 8 Performance Domains in PMBOK – Seventh Edition

Project management is more than a set of processes. The PMBOK® Guide 7th ed. codifies 8 performance domains from planning to delivery.

Project Information Repository

Project Information Repository

Learn how to create an effective Project Information Repository (PIREP) tool, which is fundamental for managing software development projects.

Project for the web

Upcoming Webinar Series: Project for the web – Beginner and Advanced Topics

Join us for a webinar series on Project for the web where we cover beginner to advanced topics about this tool.

Enterprise Reporting for Planner

Event Description: Many organizations use Microsoft Planner because it’s free if you have an Enterprise Plan! This is good news, but unfortunately it is difficult to report across multiple plans; the ...Read More

Back to Basics: Project Manager vs. Project Sponsor

I regularly conduct PMP training workshops. About one hour in, I discuss project stakeholders, and almost always the same question comes up: What is the difference between the project manager and the ...Read More

Project Management

Back to Basics: What is the Role of a Project Manager?

There are a few reasons you may wish to understand the role of a project manager more fully. Perhaps it is because you are looking for a project management job and want to have a career in project man...Read More

Portfolio Management with Project for the Web

Project Portfolio Management, or PPM, is the continuous process of selecting, prioritizing, executing, and monitoring all the projects and portfolios in an organization. PPM’s primary goal is to judge...Read More

Building and Analyzing Kanban Cumulative Flow Diagrams with MS Project (Agile)

Like Sprint or Release Burndown charts in Scrum, cumulative flow diagrams (CFDs) are frequently used in projects using a Kanban framework. This is because one of the fundamental aspects of Kanban is t...Read More

Advanced Excel and PowerBI Reporting for MS Project

Often project data is requested for stakeholders who do not have MS Project installed or are not experienced enough to work with it. MS Project reporting to MS Excel or other visualization software is...Read More

Critical Path Modeling Using Microsoft Project: Lesson 1 Estimating Resources and Using Resource Calendars

Event Description: This course provides an overview of how to manage a project’s resources, timeline and cost through effective critical path modeling using Microsoft Project. This step by step ...Read More

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