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How to Earn Project Management Institute (PMI)® Professional Development Units (PDUs) with MPUG and Claim Credit

Congratulations on being a PMI® Project Management Professional (PMP)® .  MPUG, a PMI®  Authorized Training Partner or A.T.P., is delighted to count you among its member community.  PMP®’s  can earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) through many MPUG activities in all categories of the PMI Talent Triangle; technical project management, strategic and business management, and leadership. PDUs are earned in two categories; Education and Giving Back to the Profession.
The table below shows the different requirements for education PDUs for each PMI certification:

The table below explains the different Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) requirements for each PMI certification:

Giving back is an optional method to earn PDUs. The giving back requirements listed above are the maximum number of PDUs allowed for each certification in the giving back category. When earning PDUs in this category, note the limit listed above may not be exceeded.

You can earn PDUs with MPUG in the following ways:

1.     Attend a Webinar Event

2.     Create MPUG Articles and Presentations

3.     Watch On-Demand Webinar Recordings

4.     Read MPUG Articles

1.     Attend a Chapter Meeting or Event

By attending an online or on-demand web event, you’ll earn one PDU for each hour of formal training.

During each webinar training session or monitored web event recording, attendees will receive an activity code to report to PMI®. Learn how to claim your PMI® PDUs. 

MPUG offers PMI® PDU credit on over 500 event recordings. Attendance is monitored on these On-Demand recordings. See #4 for more details!

2.     Create MPUG Articles and Presentations

  • Articles
    By authoring or co-authoring MPUG articles to share with the community, you can earn one PDU for every hour spent preparing your contribution. If interested, send a topic idea and outline to editor@mpug.com.
  • Presentations
    You can also earn PDUs by presenting at an MPUG event (in person or online) or by participating in a panel session. If interested, send your presentation proposal to us at info@mpug.com. Discuss your proposal with a local chapter if applicable.
    Learn how to claim your PMI®PDUs for a presentation.

3.     View On-Demand Monitored Webinar Recordings

MPUG offers PMI® PDU credit on over 500 event recordings. Attendance is monitored on these On-Demand recordings.
After watching a webinar in it’s entirety, you’ll have earned one PDU for each hour of active viewing. Members can submit the completed session to their MPUG Webinar History as a good way to record attendance. The completed webinar then be available in your MPUG Transcript. You will also receive a certificate of completion for the training session. Learn how to claim your PMI® PDUs. 

See a full list of On-Demand Webinars and upcoming live Webinars eligible for PDUs.

See a full list of On-Demand Webinars aligned with the PMI® PDU talent triangle.

4.     Read MPUG Articles

MPUG offers hundreds of articles!

Self-directed reading is relevant to the certification you hold. Earn 1 PDU for every hour of reading material. Documentation is required for audit by including notes of what you learned and dates of reading. 

How Often Should You Report Your Credits to PMI®?

MPUG recommends that you report earned credits to PMI as soon as you’ve earned them in order to keep track of the credit codes and other forms of documentation you’ll receive as part of your MPUG activities. The only exception to that practice is chapter leadership credit, which should be done annually.

Find out more about Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) 


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“MPUG is the fastest way to earn PDUs anywhere and a membership is very cost effective!”
Don Donatt MBA, PMP, CDP
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