Company Overview

OnePager is the project timeline application that empowers project managers to turn any project plan into beautiful charts in seconds.

Time and Effort Savings

Accurate Representation of Project State

Seamless Integration and Versatility

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Gantt Charts

OnePager Pro will import selected tasks from Microsoft Project and create a Gantt chart with swimlanes tied to the WBS, like this:

Timeline Charts

For a more compact view, OnePager Pro will align related tasks and milestones left-to-right in a Timeline view, like this:

Portfolio Charts

For organizations that need visibility into an entire portfolio of projects, OnePager Pro will import multiple projects and consolidate them into a simple view, like this:


Learn more about how OnePager Pro works with Microsoft

To learn more about how OnePager Pro works with Microsoft Project and to see more examples of the charts it can create, watch this short video: