Update and Save an Existing Project Template in Microsoft Project

Background Information I answered a question recently in the Tech Community Project user forum about how to edit an existing enterprise template in Project Online. That user’s question, and the answer...Read More

Can I use Power Automate with Project for the web?

The quick answer to this question is: Yes, you can use Power Automate with Project for the web. In this article, let’s discover a couple of use cases together and get a better understanding about thes...Read More

How Visual Basic for MS Project Changed my Life

Doing the Impossible In 2010, I attended a Baltimore MPUG meeting that changed my life. I learned about Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Microsoft Project, and I was stunned to discover easily-...Read More

Common Issues in Project Management: A Wrap Up

I wanted to wrap up a series of posts that started in August 2017 with the article about over-booked and mismanaged resources. In total, we looked at six common issues in project management. Just as t...Read More

Common Issues in Project Management #6: Three Things to Keep in Mind about Templates

Last time I discussed the misuse of reports. Today I would like to focus on another item I come in frequent contact with during training sessions or implementations: the template. I’ve created dozens,...Read More

Custom Visual Reports for Project 2013 and 2016

Every time a new version of Microsoft Project was launched, there were a mix of excitement and enthusiasm to discover, explore and understand the new features that were made available with the new sof...Read More

Ind Zara – Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager is produced by Ind Zara. Product Summary: A to-do list Excel template for creating one-time and recurring tasks, assigning them to team members and updating their status. This to...Read More

Ind Zara – Project Management Toolkit Excel Templates

  Product Summary: A set of Excel files to help users speed up project management.         These Excel-based templates cover six jobs: Project Manager: Designed to help you or...Read More

A Free Project Pipeline Tracker for Excel

This free Excel Template allows you to track projects and calculate your effectiveness in completing them. I find it applicable for scenarios where all the projects go through the same set of pre-defi...Read More

BrightWork – BrightWork

BrightWork is produced by BrightWork. Product Summary: BrightWork is a SharePoint solution for project and portfolio management that includes a range of best-practice templates and advanced cross-proj...Read More

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