Add Juneteenth to Your MS Project Holiday Calendar

In 2021, Juneteenth was recognized as a US federal holiday to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved African-Americans and honor Black culture. It has been celebrated annually on June 19 in various parts of the United States since 1865. If you are already using a holiday calendar in MS Project, below are the dates to add in for Juneteenth.

Beware that the default holiday calendar in Project is empty; it does not include any legal holidays. You are; therefore, forced to construct or import one on your own. Without the use of a holiday calendar, projects can fall behind by up to two weeks per year.

As I’ve shared previously, a complete, pre-populated holiday calendar through 2050 is available at It includes every national holiday in the US or Canada, including Juneteenth, and, I hope, it will save you from the time-consuming and error-prone process of researching and manually inserting the holidays into y our own calendar.

  Holiday NameStart & Finish  Holiday NameStart & Finish
2021 Juneteenth (Jun 19) ->Fri06/18/212036 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/36
2022 Juneteenth (Jun 19) ->Mon06/20/222037 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/37
2023 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/232038 Juneteenth (Jun 19) ->Fri06/18/38
2024 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/242039 Juneteenth (Jun 19) ->Mon06/20/39
2025 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/252040 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/40
2026 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/262041 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/41
2027 Juneteenth (Jun 19) ->Fri06/18/272042 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/42
2028 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/282043 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/43
2029 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/292044 Juneteenth (Jun 19) ->Mon06/20/44
2030 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/302045 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/45
2031 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/312046 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/46
2032 Juneteenth (Jun 19) ->Fri06/18/322047 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/47
2033 Juneteenth (Jun 19) ->Mon06/20/332048 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/48
2034 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/342049 Juneteenth (Jun 19) ->Fri06/18/49
2035 Juneteenth (Jun 19)06/19/352050 Juneteenth (Jun 19) ->Mon06/20/50

Table 1- Users who have an existing holiday calendar should add Juneteenth to avoid scheduling issues.

Written by Bosco Jim Peter
Jim Peter is a retired engineering planner with over three decades of experience in project planning and scheduling. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering, and MS in Computer Science, and an MS in Technical Management. He has written numerous custom VBA macros in MS Project. He is a native and resident of Baltimore. See the availability of MS Project Holiday Calendars here.
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