As you probably know, when you create a new project in Microsoft Project Server, a related project site is created automatically. That process works differently in Project Server 2016 than it does it in Project Server 2013. In this short article, I walk you through each version.

To enable this automatic option in Project Server 2013, you must change some settings in the “Central Administration” center:

You click “Application Management” from the left side menu…

…Then select “Manage service applications” under “Service Application”:

A list of services will be displayed. From the list, you select “Project Server Service Application”:

And then you select the site in which you want to enable the setting and click on “Manage” to proceed:

Finally, you choose “Project site Provisioning Settings” under “Operational Policies”:

Then you enable the site and designate “Automatically create a site on first publish”:

That isn’t the procedure for Project Server 2016, however. Here’s how it works in the newest edition of the software.

Open your site:

Click “PWA Settings”:

Choose “Connected SharePoint Sites,” under “Operational Policies”:

You’ll see the screen below:

Click “Settings” and a pop-up window appears:

Select your desired option (“Automatically create a site on first publish”) and click OK.

A version of this article first appeared on Rathrola Prem Kumar’s blog here.

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