Author: Dr. Lynette Reed

Writer, researcher and advisor on human potential for personal and organizational development, Dr. Lynette Reed has mentored people from in businesses, not-for-profits, schools, allied health agencies, chambers of commerce, government and churches. She has taught courses on team building, leadership, ethics, world religion and world cultures. Her current literary contributions include an executive summary paperback titled, Fixing the Problem: Making Changes in How You Deal with Challenges, as well as book contributions, articles, guest radio appearances and a series of children’s books with Abingdon Press. She is also a co-founder and board member of the Institute for Soul-Centered Leadership at Seton Cove. Lynette holds a Doctor of Ministry in Spirituality, Sustainability, and Inter-Religious Dialogue and a Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Contact her at

Leading Through Change Without Burning Out

Check Out Your Culture: A Management Tool to See How Behavior Strengthens Culture

In this article, you will learn about workplace culture and how you can use the ROEMT Checklist to see how behavior strengthens culture.

The Importance of Kindness for Project Managers and Teams 

Kindness can be a tricky topic in the business world. If you look online, you’ll see multiple articles written about this theme. One of the challenges of incorporating kindness into the workplac...

What is Your Mindset? How You Think Changes the Way You Work

Remote work, brought on by the Covid 19 Pandemic, makes up a significant amount of total work done in a lot of organizations. Most us have gotten used to it; however, it’s important to consider the he...

Managing Disruption in the Workplace

We are used to the term disruption having a negative meaning, especially in the workplace. Disruptive employees need to be counseled on the harm they’ve caused. Disruption slows down the progress of w...

How Assumptions Lead to Conflict

Alan Alda gave the commencement speech for his daughter Eve’s graduation. In his speech, he stated, “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, o...

Two people Talking

Onboarding New Project Managers

Employees are the foundation of your organization. They add value with the skills and knowledge that they bring to the team. They also convey a tiny element of the company culture. A new person hired ...

Leadership as an Actionable Event

The definition of leadership is changing. With increasing challenges from a pandemic that has lasted over a year and the remote work that such a pandemic has brought, business leaders have to change t...

Business management

How to Make Professional Development Meaningful This Year

We’ve all felt it—the dynamic tension between the need for continued learning and the wish to get our to-do lists done. In the 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey, eighty percent of CEOs identified tha...

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