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Erik van Hurck

About: Erik van Hurck

Erik van Hurck is a Senior PPM consultant for Projectum, a western European Microsoft Partner with offices in Denmark and The Netherlands. As such, Erik assists enterprise customers to adopt the new Project Online cloud solution for Project and Portfolio Management. Erik has a personal blog ( and is also a writer for the Microsoft Project User Group (

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Three features You Will Like About Microsoft Planner

Written on May 1, 2018, by

On my personal blog, I once wrote that Planner is one of the better Project Management tools. It’s because this “new” app by Microsoft has grown a lot and fast. I’m not the only one that notices the power Microsoft Planner has. There has been some great content covering Planner on MPUG lately. You can…

Book review: Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella

Written on March 19, 2018, by and

Cindy Lewis and Erik van Hurck join forces to bring you this book review. Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft’s Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone Cindy Lewis (North America) and Erik van Hurck (Europe) are half a world away, but they have actually been working together for many years solving customer…

Common Issues in Project Management: A Wrap Up

Written on February 6, 2018, by

I wanted to wrap up a series of posts that started in August 2017 with the article about over-booked and mismanaged resources. In total, we looked at six common issues in project management. Just as the posts on incorrect use of MS Project stand-alone, this series centered around best practices and was based on the…

Common Issues in Project Management #6: Three Things to Keep in Mind about Templates

Written on January 23, 2018, by

Last time I discussed the misuse of reports. Today I would like to focus on another item I come in frequent contact with during training sessions or implementations: the template. I’ve created dozens, maybe even hundreds, of Schedule templates in my time as a consultant. Based on that knowledge, I want to share some common…

Common Issues in Project Management #5: Four Things Not to Do When Creating Reports in MS Project

Written on January 16, 2018, by

I’ve created my fair share of Project, Program, and Portfolio Reports. Based on that knowledge, I wanted to share with you some common issues I notice within organizations. I hope, as you read these, you’ll see if they apply to your organization, be able to improve based on this article, and let me know if…

Resource Management: Lost in the Woods? Here is Your Way Out

Written on December 6, 2017, by and

Resource management is a complex subject. There are many aspects to resource management using Project Server or Project Online. Just look at this course from ProjectPro Corp that outlines those aspects: Capacity planning, demand management, balancing, allocation, optimizing and leveling. These are just some of the terms that you need to be aware of…

Common issues in Project management #4: Don’t set progress in the schedule

Written on November 13, 2017, by

Planning is one thing Let’s assume you know your way around the Gantt chart view. Let’s say you know what a WBS is (watch this YouTube video and Jigs MPUG article if you are not sure). And that you know that setting dependencies between tasks are a lot better than setting dates on each task…

Common Issues in Project Management #3: Micromanaging the Team

Written on October 16, 2017, by

In this article I would like to explore a key issue that many Project managers struggle with. It’s an exploration into the term “Micromanagement”. There is a lot you can find on the subject, and I will end the article with some references to earlier articles on MPUG and other sources for you to enjoy….

Common Issues in PM: Managing Project Documentation

Written on September 26, 2017, by

In this MPUG article we’re going to step away from Gantt charts and baselines for a change and talk a bit about documentation. I can think of no project methodology that does away with documentation. By “documentation” I mean documents, Excel sheets, AutoCAD drawings — you name it. But the deal is, where should you…

Common Issues in PM: Over-booked and Mismanaged Resources

Written on August 15, 2017, by

Most projects lean heavily on using human resources to perform the tasks that are set out in the schedule. But very few organizations are purely project-driven. That means that people (the other, friendlier name for “human resources”) work on line activities as well as projects in their daily lives. How do you find the balance…

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