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About: Grace Carter

Grace Carter is an editor at Big Assignments and Paper Fellows academic websites. She develops writing courses and tutoring activities for students. Also, Grace helps with resumes and cover letters at OX Essays writing service.

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How to Make Your Project Scoping Process Insanely Accurate

Written on September 28, 2018, by

Project scoping is a process that should be undertaken before and during any project being implemented. It goes without saying that it would not make sense for a business to jump straight into a project just with their fingers crossed, their wallets loaded, and/or hoping for the best. Projects simply don’t work blind, and this…

How to Write a Project Management Resume that Gets Attention

Written on August 27, 2018, by

Project managers use technology to plan, budget, lead, and report on projects. They need to have the ability to manage a large number of people and direct them towards attaining a goal. They need to have knowledge on a variety of subjects, technology, budgets, and industry specific topics. There is no question that it’s a…

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