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About: Jigs Gaton

Jigs Gaton is the CEO and founder of Phoenix Consulting and Training Worldwide, a company that helps developers design and implement better programs & build capacity with training and other resources. Jigs has over 30+ years of experience in the private / public sectors, working as a project manager and consultant. He's currently based in Kathmandu, where he helped Nepal with post-earthquake reconstruction efforts, as well as helping start-up Nepal's largest animal welfare NGO.

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All Articles and Webinars by Jigs Gaton

Project Management, Jungle-Style

Written on February 18, 2020, by

It was Rudyard Kipling who popularized the idiom “law of the jungle” back in 1894, and ever since I was a kid falling asleep to passages of Jungle Book, I’ve been fascinated by everything jungle. Another popular expression, “It’s a jungle out there,” is also how I would describe my career as a PM, where…

The Case of the Accidental PM

Written on December 10, 2019, by

Sure, “The Accidental” this and the “The Accidental” that is such a cliché, yet when you google “Accidental Project Manager,” you get 24 million results. Results like 4 Ways to Succeed as an Accidental Project Manager and 6 Tips for the Accidental Project Manager top the list. Even the PMI Learning Library has an article…

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