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Jay Leslie

About: Jay Leslie

Jay Leslie carries with him 15 years of project management experience within the cable, telecom, construction and software development industries. The spectrum of projects and programs that Jay has managed throughout his career is broad and deep, enabling him to help clients implement Chronicle Graphics software -- including OnePager -- in a multitude of applications. His employment history includes positions at Narvaes Construction, Leslie Brothers Construction, CSG Systems, Echostar Satellite Services, Comcast, and Level 3 Communications.

All Articles and Webinars by Jay Leslie

Aptitudes and Attitudes of Effective Analysis

Written on July 16, 2018, by

Tidbits from Stephen Few’s well-revered book, Now You See It Ever since we began including a section on data visualization in our formal training, we’ve only gotten one negative piece of feedback. The particular attendee suggested something like “I could have done without the content on how to make a PowerPoint slide.” We welcome and…

Exploratory vs. Explanatory Visuals in Planning

Written on October 30, 2017, by

I love this topic because it elicits a higher level of thought around designing the data visualizations we need in planning, in a way that my simple mind can consume. In her book “Storytelling with Data,” Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic points out very early on that there are really two kinds of data visualizations: exploratory and explanatory. Exploratory visuals…

5 Tips for a Better Design Phase

Written on September 18, 2017, by

Communications in business, generally, should be designed for optimal readability by their audience, to cut risk. Miscommunication in business is bad. This means you we need to put some think-time and design-work into your plan-related communications. If you and your organization haven’t circled back around just yet, to make sure you’re doing it right, this…

Storytelling with Your Gantt Chart

Written on May 15, 2017, by

“Storytelling” is something marketing experts have been talking about for years, as a better way to communicate brands, products and what sets businesses apart. It’s now a recognized, tried and true approach, and one that has taken a foothold due to its effectiveness. Our customer experiences online are, in large part, shaped by “stories” that…

Best Practices in Data Visualization

Written on May 3, 2017, by

Project Management Institute (PMI)® Professional Development Units (PDUs): This Webinar is eligible for 1 PMI® PDU in the Technical category of the Talent Triangle. Event Description: Data visualization is a term that most business professionals are familiar with today. But how many in the planning community realize that they create data visualizations as a regular…

Size Matters (in Plan Communications)

Written on April 11, 2017, by

…Well, in plan communications and Gantt charts, it does. Size, when used as an attribute to denote meaning in data visualization, will likely force our brain to look at the largest items first. In her book, Storytelling with Data, Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic tells us, “Relative size denotes relative importance.” Size is just one of the…

How Many Colors Are Too Many in Your Charts?

Written on March 13, 2017, by

Nine. Well, so says Scott Berinato, in his book Good Charts. He bases this number on a conversation he had with Tamara Munzner, a data visualization expert and professor of computer science at the University of British Columbia. Here’s an example Gantt chart with more than eight colors. Munzner is quoted (in the footnotes) as…

How Standardization Can Help Set the Brain’s Expectations

Written on December 13, 2016, by

We recently discovered a smart psychiatrist named Jon Lieff, during our reading of Good Charts by Scott Berinato. (This book is a treasure trove of information, if you’re interested in learning more about making better charts — a must read for any business professional.) Lieff inked a blog post in April 2015 titled, “How Does…

Project Communications for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Written on October 7, 2016, by

If you lead a team of project managers or schedulers in the pharmaceutical industry, you know how critical effective plan communications can be. Delivering just the right amount of data to the right stakeholders at the right time is a winning recipe for hitting deadlines and building credibility for your project management office (PMO) —…

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