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Margaret Meloni

About: Margaret Meloni

Margaret Meloni, MBA, PMP, is an executive coaching consultant for IT professionals. She helps project managers and teams work together better by improving their soft skills. Learn how to successfully combine technical and soft skills in her sessions from The PDU Podcast and from her website. As a teacher, speaker and coach, Margaret Meloni loves championing project managers. Her passion is creating project managers who successfully navigate the human side of the workplace.

All Articles and Webinars by Margaret Meloni

When Should I Take the PMP® Exam

Written on March 4, 2012, by

As you prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam, one of your most important decisions will be when to actually take the exam. For many people the question of “when” is driven by these two additional questions: How will I know that I am ready to take the exam? I heard that the exam…

Tips on Handling a Problem Team Member on your Project

Written on August 6, 2011, by

Oh, there is a problem all right. And it starts with the fact that you have a boss, peer, or project team member who is in complete denial about the chaos all around them. If they do see any issues, well, those issues start with you. This is not meant to be spiteful. This is…

Project Management Advice: The Price of Right

Written on July 5, 2011, by

This story is called “The Price of Right,” not because it’s about the game show, but because it’s about that toll we pay when it is more important to be right than it is to exercise tact. When I teach project management and I discuss scope creep, I usually tell a story about one of…

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