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Sharath Kumar

About: Sharath Kumar

Sharath Kumar is an enterprise project management consultant for Pcubed, based in London. As a certified project and portfolio management practitioner, he has worked on initiatives with public sector, time-to-market, manufacturing, financial services, energy and nuclear clients. Sharath's advisory experience covers a broad range of services: portfolio optimization, value engineering, change management and IT transformation with a current emphasis on knowledge management. Contact him at

All Articles and Webinars by Sharath Kumar

The Accountant and the Project Manager: A Friendly Competition or Intimidation at It’s Worst?”

Written on April 1, 2018, by

Introduction Ever wondered why there is stiff competition between an accountant and a Project Manager? Because they are both quite creative: the former with the money, the latter with the work estimates. Humour apart, Project Managers (PMs) are still much sought after as a ridiculously popular profession in today’s industry. Mostly because today’s businesses attempt…

A Project Engagement That Went Horribly Wrong

Written on October 27, 2015, by

An organization had asked us to undertake a Project Server deployment initiative. The user base was gigantic. The deployment timeframe was tight, and on the agreed-upon budget we could just scrape by. The initial kick-off meeting took place in an eerie room where there was a creepy pale white elephant — existing data and its…

Breaking the Barrier: How to Set the Groundwork for Change

Written on May 26, 2015, by

Change is about winning hearts and minds — and sustaining this win. In order to understand how to manage change, you need to understand resistance to change. Management guru Peter Drucker once said, “I am more interested in knowing about people than businesses.” He understood that it’s actually the people you need to think about…

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