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Tim Creasey

About: Tim Creasey

Tim Creasey, Prosci Chief Development Officer, is a dynamic thought leader and speaker whose focus is enabling change teams to deliver results by catalyzing employee adoption and usage. Prosci has researched change management for 20 years and provides holistic solutions to build organizational change competency.

All Articles and Webinars by Tim Creasey

Increase Your Project’s Impact with Change Management, Part 2

Written on September 30, 2016, by

As I explained in part one, the Prosci ADKAR Model is one of the most widely used frameworks for managing change. Practitioners say that it makes sense, is easy to explain to others and helps them see and unlock numerous and various types of change. Whether a change is impacting five, 50, 500 or 5,000…

Increase Your Project’s Impact with Change Management, Part 1

Written on September 26, 2016, by

Projects come in all shapes and sizes. Some impact the entire enterprise while others may affect a single workshop. Some are disruptive while others are incremental. Projects can aim to improve processes, systems, tools and structures. But despite all the wonderful variety in the project world, there is one universal constant in terms of both…

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