Building Potential Within a Diverse Team Course

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a Diverse Team

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This Building Potential Within a Diverse Team Course is designed to help managers learn how to identify and develop the potential within their team. The course is taught by experienced professionals who have years of experience in the field.

What will you learn in this course?

This course offers you a discussion about diversity in the workplace. Within your team, various people, all with human qualities, have different ways of viewing the world. It takes all these other parts of your workforce to make up a cohesive team. Finding the potential within a diverse workplace helps create an environment that appreciates each part of the team’s distinctions and finds a way to enhance individual skills instead of focusing on people’s differences. In this course, you will identify the role of fear in the diversity relationship, understand value differences, and identify elements that help create a cohesive workplace.

Part One

Reduce Fear of Diversity – This lesson discusses the fear reaction and how it impacts you and your team.  Participants will: Understand the pattern that fear creates and identify ways that diversity introduces fear. 

Part Two

Judge as Different – This module discusses different ways to view the world. Participants will: Identify the value-added for diverse and inclusive teams. Learn how to create a narrative that does not judge.

Part Three

Create Your Culture – This module looks at how to create a culture that introduces more inclusion into a diverse team. Participants will: Identify the three elements for building culture. Learn three behaviors that work together to create a lively culture. Understand the value of culture in establishing a diverse team.


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