Power BI for Business Users and Project Managers

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Who is this course for

The course is designed for business users and project managers who want to learn how to use the Power BI suite to get insights from their data and to create reports. The course covers how to shape data using Power Query, how to create reports using the Power BI Desktop app, and how to use the Power BI service to share reports with others.

What will you learn in this course

Introduction to the Power BI Suite (60 min)

This session will introduce you to the Power BI suite of products and applications from Microsoft. At the end of this session, you will understand what Power BI is and how it can be used to visualize different types of data from multiple data sources. You will also understand the process of creating and publishing reports, understand workspaces, apps, permissions, the mobile app, etc.

Deep Dive into Shaping Data using Power Query (60 min)

Data rarely exists in the exact format or shape that we want it. It needs “massaging”, errors need to be removed, and often new data needs to be derived from the existing data set. In this session, you’ll learn how to use Query Editor inside the Power BI desktop client to transform your existing data so that it suits your purpose. We’ll use examples from both Microsoft Planner files and Project Online.

Creating Reports using the Power BI Desktop App (60 min)

Once we’ve got our data into the required shape, we can begin to visualize it, i.e., build reports and dashboards for users to view. Once again, we’ll take Planner files, publish the reports, and create dashboards in the Power BI Service so that they can be shared within our organization. We’ll also show how these reports and dashboards can be viewed on mobile devices and the information socialized within the mobile app.

Test your skills after completing the course

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