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This Webinar is eligible for 1 PMI® PDU in the Strategic category of the Talent Triangle.

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This webinar is based on Eric Uyttewaal’s new textbook ‘Forecasting Programs’ published in January 2018. Programs have long-range visions, high-visibility, many moving parts, and programs are overwhelming and sometimes destructive (for reputations). Regardless of the challenges in managing programs, the author thinks that programs are inherently not more complex than projects, they are just on a higher level of abstraction. Furthermore, program stakeholders are smarter and more assertive. Budgets are much larger. Program managers who try managing a program like a project are doomed to fail: Program management has its own techniques and tools. So, what are those? That is what this webinar is about: Eric and his team developed special techniques and special applications specifically for program managers. These innovations allow program managers to forecast their programs, and take corrective action early. Program managers do not need to be monthly-messengers-of-bad-news! With these new innovations, they can gain back control over their program, and, at a minimum, adjust expectations in a more timely fashion, or … turn into monthly‑messengers‑of‑good‑news!

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Eric Uyttewaal

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 by Rex Holmlin

Eric Uyttewaal has done an excellent job of identifying key challenges in managing the schedules of programs. Interesting and worthwhile. Recommended if you are in the pr4ogram management arena.

Written by Eric Uyttewaal

Eric is a thought leader on project, program, and portfolio management. He spends most of his time using software from Microsoft. He has authored seven well-known textbooks including ‘Forecasting Programs,’ ‘Forecast Scheduling with Microsoft Project 2010/2013/Online,’ and ‘Dynamic Scheduling with Microsoft Project 2000/2002/2003.’ He founded ProjectPro, which specializes in Microsoft Project, Project Server and Project Online. Eric developed several Add-ins with his team that enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Project in creating better schedules (Forecast Scheduling App), managing cross-project dependencies (CrossLinksPro), identifying and documenting the Critical Path (PathsPro) and creating S-curve reports (CurvesPro). He was president of PMI-Ottawa in 1997. Eric has received awards from PMI in 2009, from MPUG in 2012, and from Microsoft from 2010 until 2017 (MVP).

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  1. 10/1/18 – Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and have lots to consider. Went to Eric’s website to download the presentation and sample .mpp files but they aren’t available. Is it possible to still get access to the presentation deck and files? Thx

  2. Karen, yes, it is possible; just request them through my website with your email and I will send them to you. Eric


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