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I found I had the same problem.  I started a new project schedule and then went and changed from a standard 8h/d 5d/w schedule to a 10h/d 4/d week schedule.  I noticed that no matter what I did as far as changing the “Change working times” to changing the standard hours and days on the options page, it still would not let my resources work 10 hrs that first day.  It would always start at 8am, instead of 6am.

I tried something, and it actually fixed the problem….I after changing all the schedule and working hours like I should, I found that if I went in and changed the project start date, to a different date, my resources worked 10 on the first day like they should and every day after like they were scheduled.  I then went and changed the start date back to the date I originally wanted and it fixed the problem; scheduled 10hrs work starting from day 1.

Seems like it must just be a glitch in the software.  Give it a try.  AFTER, (doesn’t make a difference if you do before), you change the work hours and work days, and work week, then go and change your start date to a different date, (doesn’t matter what day), then change it back.  worked for me anyway…