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In reference to the 2nd part of your question (if I understand it correctly) you may have several options available.

There are several WebParts in Project Server that you may be able to use (Project Workspaces, Project Center and Project Details). I’m still experimenting but I’ve been able to successfully link projects using the Project Center and Project Workspaces. I know from the Project Workspaces you can then go to the Project Details where you can control outline levels.

Something else you might look into if you’re not linking to Project Server and only using SharePoint  – there are List types for “Project Tasks” and for “Project Tracking – Project Milestones”. You can then create a View using the SharePoint Gantt View. This doesn’t give you the outline form, but it does give you a more “Project” like look. You could, I guess, add columns.

Charles Fraley