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      Jack Fox

      I hope someone can help, I took my WBS from a text column and pasted them into the WBS column (in a regular table). The problem is, when I go to view them in the resource view some are showing the new and others show the MSP default.  Is there a solution?

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      Hello Jack,

      First things first; let us verify whether Project’s been updated. Is it Project 2003 SP3 (Update center: http://technet.microsoft.com/tr-tr/office/ee748587.aspx) ?

      There is no resource category of WBS field (Ref. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/project-help/wbs-fields-HP001025930.aspx). Which view is it exactly ?



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      I have Windows 7 which has Microsoft Works, and no one can open my attachments. I had a trial of Microsoft 2007 which wkerod well, but the trial is expiring and I can only buy Office 2010. Microsoft employees assure me this will be compatible with all Word Products, but I would like someone’s opinion who doesn’t work for the company. Thanks!

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      Jack Fox

      Ismet, meant to get back to you, I found another solution – used number field, after making all an outline level one.

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