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      jeff Heath

      Using Projects Server, I have noticed that there isn’t anyway to make adjustments to an enterprise resource’s max units on a project, so that it matches the engagement request. IS there a way for the PM to assign his/her resources within Project Pro 2016 based upon the max units requested in the engagement? It seems to default to the max units set in server.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      The only way to do that for a project that contains enterprise resources is to override the max units per resource at the time you edit the project. Local resources will maintain max units, but enterprise resources will be reset the next time you close and reopen the project. This is an unfortunate consequence that needs to be done if you are managing resource utilization. In Project you can keep a note someplace, keep a table in a report that you can copy/paste, or copy from an Excel workbook. Best I can tell you.

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      The ability to do just what you are asking is a feature we’ve been asking Microsoft to add for years. Meaning while their enterprise Max units is 100%, provide the ability to define project level max units at 60% for example, and then let the default task assignment units to stay at 100% (which would be 100% of 60%).
      As Larry noted, you can change the Max Units in the resource list for enterprise resources, and this remains in effect for that session. This makes it usable for initial schedule entry since the Resource Max Units becomes the task level assignment units by default when adding a resource to a task. However, as indicated, Project resets your resource list entered value and resets it to the enterprise max units value every time you open the schedule (for enterprise resources only).
      Essentially, the only way to do what you need is to ensure that the task level resource assignment units value is set at (or below) what you want that resources availability to be for that project engagement… on every task.
      You can set up a resource usage view showing both the resource level max units and the task level assignment units, grouped by resource. This gives you a quick view to easily view/scan each resource across all tasks on which they are assigned.

      hope that helps

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