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      Hello Mr. Van Hurck,

      as part of booking hours in MS Project Online, I tried the “Team Assignments” and noticed the following behavior:

      1) It is possible to assign generic resources to a task.
      2) A personalized resource of the same team assigns this team allocation to itself.
      3) In the project plan, after approval via “Approval”, the personalized resource from 2) is added to the generic resource from 1) on the task and the working time is increased accordingly.

      Can this behavior be circumvented so that only the generic resource remains on the task and can be booked?

      I have tested what happens if the check mark is not set on “Team Assignment Pool”. Then, according to the flow above in point 3), the generic resource is replaced by the personalized one and the effort previously scheduled to the generic resource is scheduled to the personalized resource. Unfortunately, this is not helpful to me.

      My goal is to have the generic resource stay on the task and also can be postable. Is this possible?

      Thanks for all answers in advance.

      Many greetings

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