Can I allow 5 days for a task and only assign resource for 2 days

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      evelyn edwards

      I have a task – PREPARE WORK PLAN – and allow 5 days for this to be completed.
      I have a person (resource) assigned to the task but in reality the person will only work on the task for a total of 2 days in dribs and drabs during the 5 days allowed as the required information to complete the task is provided and between times will be available for other tasks.
      Do you have any suggestions as to the best way to capture this flexibility so I am not assigning the resource for 5 full days – hence creating fictitious resource conflicts.

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      Julie Sheets

      Set the task as a Fixed Duration task. Split your screen to show the task form in the bottom pane. Select the resource’s name from the drop down under the Resources heading in the task pane. Enter 16 hours of work in the work column. Click OK.

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      John Riopel

      In the task form, that you have in the split view, you can right click, select the schedule view to even set which dates you want each resource to work. Using the work view in the split view will allow you to set each resources individual work value.

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