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      We currently use Microsoft Project Online and have risk and issues registers for each project. This is burdensome to administer (any config change needs to be made across dozens of SharePoint lists) and complicates reporting (custom fields are not accessible).
      So, we are looking to move create a risk register and an issue register that sit outside of Project Online so we can report on all fields and administer config changes quickly.
      This task has led me to wonder, why not combine risks and issues into a single register? An issue is simply a risk with a 100% probability. So, by adding that option to the probability field we can combine the registers. Fields between risk and issue register are applicable to both (apart from probability, but that field can be used to identify issues). But I am concerned that I haven’t seen any discussions anywhere where these registers are combined. Often when I have a bright idea that doesn’t seem to have been done before it is for good reason…

      What issues do you see in combining the registers, because I do not see any significant issue, but don’t want to implement and wish I hadn’t!

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