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      I am new to Project, so please be gentle!

      I have recently been given the task of scheduling a work activity in a mining operation. Normally scheduling is performed by a Planning Engineer, but for a variety of reasons, the decision has been made that responsibility for this will be delegated to me.

      Planning is undertaken using industry specific specialist software, but I have elected to use Project for my component. I have received an output file in excel of the major tasks and dates for the next 6 months. I need to integrate & schedule my tasks, sub tasks, resources & costs around this.

      My question is how do I fix the dates for large volumes of tasks? I need to prevent Project from rescheduling all these existing tasks in the table of data that I have. I am looking at using “Must Finish On” & “Must Start On” constraints on the existing schedule data, but it appears that I must specify dates for each task individually when applying the constraint – is this correct?

      Is there a blanket setting that I can apply to the existing dates to? If not, how would you approach this?

      Thanks in advance


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