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      Dear MPUG members,

      Is there any way to automatically update an ECF (Enterprise Custom Field) in Task level once a related ECF in Project Level is changed?
      To detail the scenario: there is a “Sponsor Name” field for project and we created a field in task level with the same name, now I’m looking for an automated way that updates the task level “Sponsor Name” field if we change correspondent field in project level.
      We are using Microsoft Project Online.
      I assume if we used on-premise solution we could update those fields on the database by using some SQL commands; but in cloud solution this is not an option.
      Any idea to facilitate this requirement would be greatly appreciated.


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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      The specific answer to your question is no, but the question back is why? You can include the project level Project Sponsor field with your tasks in a report. You can create a Power Pivot model in Excel or use Power BI, or other options…but you can include it by linking the Project ID. Anyway, good luck with your need.

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      Thank you Larry for prompt response.
      You are very right, it doesn’t make scenes to duplicate those details.
      But we use a tool for one of the reports which that tool don’t have access to Project Level fields, so we replicated them in task level and now should maintain them for line 0 task (Project Summary) and you can imagine how difficult is to do this for over 200 projects.

      Thanks again,

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Yes, I certainly can… Good luck

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