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      I am using Project 2016 Online Desktop Client. I have a project that does not have resources loaded or assigned and would like to create an S-curve. I wanted to know if it is possible to create a custom report that shows a time-phased line chart that charts the number of tasks by baseline finish dates vs. (forecasted) Finish dates vs. Actual Finish Dates either by week or month. Currently, when I click on a chart, the only fields in the “Field List” section to select from are Number, Work and Cost. There is no selection for task-related fields (i.e. Finish, Actual Finish, Baseline Finish). Any suggestions would be appreciated

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      Nick, unfortunately the fields in the list are timephased and you can’t create a timephased calculated field. (IE: what was the start/finish each week of a task. Someone might have a trick to use with Compare Project, but not something you can get from a single project. Good suggestion though.

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      Larry – we currently export data to excel and through Excel macros, create this set of curves. I was hoping that Project 2016 reporting might have enhanced capabilities to do this natively. Thanks for saving me time chasing an unsolvable problem!

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