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      Avatar photoJamie Nezbeth

      I use MS Project Online-2016 and my Schedulers are considering creating Macros in their individual project schedules. I am responsible to create an IMS and update it weekly with these individual project schedules. Will it cause an issue if I merge all these MS project schedules into an IMS if all the schedules have different Macros created in them? How will this work?

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      Thanks for drafting this questions, I was currently researching the same thing that you are asking . . .


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      Jamie Nezbeth


      I hope by asking, we can find some answers!!!! Let me know what you find out!!! I’ve been doing some research myself, and I can’t figure this out. I hope you can help!!


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      Minerva Goree

      Hi Jamie,

      Let me see if I understand your question correctly. You seem to manage a master schedule with subprojects. These subprojects are files your team of schedulers owns. Also, it seems all the project files (master and subprojects) live in the Project Online environment.

      If I interpreted the situation correctly, then it is possible for each project file to have its own macros. When you insert a project file into your master as a subproject, you are basically just consuming raw data from the subprojects. You will not consume any of the local changes to their environment. Basically, the connection within the master are links to the subprojects.

      Hopefully, that helps.


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      Avatar photoJamie Nezbeth

      Thanks Minerva! Yes it helps tremendously! At least now I know that whatever Macros they choose to have in their individual project schedules won’t affect the data in the IMS. Thanks so much for responding!!!!


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