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    Lisa Barnes

    We created an Enterprise Custom Field (we call Activity ID) in Project Server 2010 because it helps us to track/identify our Tasks in our projects.  This Activity ID field works fine when looking at each project’s tasks in the Project Center in Project Web App.  But when we use the Resource Assignments screen in Project Web App to look at our task resource assignments, this custom field is completely blank.  It is also not available in the tasks under ‘My Work’.  We don’t know why we can see it in the Project Center, but yet it is not present in Resource Assignments or My Work?

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    E. M. Hanna

    The reason that your field is blank is that you are looking at a different field.  You appear to have created a task-level ECF and have populated it and used it to good advantage in task-level views.  However–on the Resource Assignments view, you are looking at assignment-level ECFs.  The ECF has the same name–but it is a different field.
    You can roll down task and resource custom fields to assignment level. On the New Custom Field or the Edit Custom Field page in Project Web Access, click Roll down, unless manually specified in the Calculation for Assignment rows section.

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    Jay Lartey

    in PWA i am trying yo Manage Views for exmaple Monthly Task Overiew, when i create the report i can see the Cost per task, i dont want to see the cost per resources as the cost varies, How can i get “Fixed Cost” to show when i create a report in PWA (Project Web App)?

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    AJ de Wet

    Hi E. M. Hanna, I did click on Roll down as suggested by your post on 10/02/2013, but the Resource custom fields do not show up in a Resource Assignments view. Any other suggestions? I found one field that shows, so I created a duplicate field (different name) with the exact same settings (Roll down etc.), but it doesn’t show up? Is there any other custom field setting or assignment rule that has to be in place before the custom resource fields will show up in the Resource Assignments views?

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    The custom field not appear on Notification Email when create a task, Help me please.

    Thanks in advance.


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