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      I’m often asked to provide a quick view of driving predecessors/successors for particular (individual) task on a very large program schedule (thousands of lines of schedule). I know how to use the Task Path features to highlight the driving predecessors/successors and using “inspect” features. I’m in search of a way to filter my project file to show just the driving predecessors/successors for a task so that I can quickly copy and paste that information to the team without having to go through and hide lines of schedule manually to show just the lines that I need. Is this possible? Any ideas?

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      Avatar photoJohn Riopel

      I have used the following method successfully for years. 1. Create a milestone that exceeds the last day of any task in the project by at least a week. 2. Create a link for the task that you would like to find the driver for and the newly created milestone. 3. Filter for the critical path

      This will display the tasks that are now the critical path to the milestone that you created in step 1. Make sure that the milestone used is set to Must Start On or Must End On, so that the date is constrained.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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