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      Chris Mencen

      I am currently using MS Project Professional 2016. I’m assigning resources using Enterprise Resource Pool. The resource center on the PWA shows all of the resources and assignments but it’s not easy to view.

      When I go the team planner on Project Professional 2016 desktop, only the current projects show on the team planner. I have about 20 projects at the same time, and it would be very difficult to open all of them to see any potential conflicts. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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      Avatar photoJigs Gaton

      Chris, in theory you should be able to just create a master plan and then insert the 20 projects as subprojects, and also attach the resource pool to the master plan. Then you should see all / any conflicts. But I’ve never done that using an enterprise resource pool, but that should work 🙂 Best, Jigs

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      When using Project Server, you can set the “Load Summary Resource Assignments” to yes and it will show other project commitments. You may need to go to Configure Accounts (File / Info / Manage Accounts) and set the When Starting to “Choose and account”. I just tried this with Project Online and it didn’t work for me, but it did with Project Server. That I’m not sure what happened and if it got deprecated or not. You can also see the assignments in a Resource Usage view. Hope that helps…

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        Chris Mencen

        Larry, Thank you so much! It worked.

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