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      Hi All,

      Please can you assist.
      My company is working on a project where each department uses excel to provide feedback to my team.
      Is there a way in which they can continue to update their excel docs, but allow my team to use MS Project to update the project plans.
      I have tried the importing function in MS Project, but the mapping does not seem to be very accurate.
      The question i have is that, do we need any additional tools to map to correctly to import? Does MS Project server resolve this?
      What are my options?
      Thanking in advance

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      Avatar photoJigs Gaton

      I think that’s an excellent question, unfortunately (from my experience), u need a custom macro designed for your setup. Ive never seen the 2016 (or 2019) standalone version successfully import and export sheets with precision, unless u hire someone to make it so. But I’ve been retired a few years now… perhaps there is a younger solution.

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      May be this can help you.
      This is for a dektop version only
      kind regards,

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