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    Jayakumar Thulasingam

    Hi All,

    Can any one of you guide me to get the expected % complete based on status date to compare it with Actual % complete.

    The steps I did follow to arrive the same. Please go through the same and share your suggestions.

    1. Get the task list, Start and end date with Planned effort and resource name
    2. Baseline the schedule plan ( Example : Baseline start date is on 1st Jan’16 Baseline Finish date is on 31st May’16)
    3. And updating the % completion as Get the input from project team for each tasks till 20th Apr’16 and got % completion(Actual % completion) from Project Summary (Getting % completion only from team as doesn’t provide the Actual Finish date,Actual Effort completed, Actual Duration )
    4. To arrive Expected % completion, I took a copy of the schedule plan before baseline the plan, in the same file, I select the status date as on 20th Arp’16, and select update project ( select the update work as complete through (Status date) Set 0-100% complete), so finally i got the % completion from Project Summary line.
    5. Now I compared the Expected % completion from Before baseline the file and get the actual % complete from Baseline file to produce the overall Project progress.


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    Larry Christofaro

    Jayakumar, I read your question multiple times and I’m not sure I understand what you are asking? You said you want to get the expected % complete, but then in step 4 you correctly calculate the expected % complete from when the project was baselined. Are you asking if you can do this in the same active project schedule? Personally I like the simplicity of the way you are doing it already.
    Let me know where or what I am missing. Thanks…

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    Jayakumar Thulasingam

    Lary,Thanks for your reply,

    just want to know any other method is available in MS project apart from the step that i mentioned above to get the expected % complete in active project schedule…

    Hope you understand now.

    Thanks again

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    Larry Christofaro

    No, not really. I think you did a good job and pretty creative for what you want. Not everything is an easy button, but simple is good. With that said I may be missing something and will be interested in other opinions. I like simple…

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    Timothy Jones

    Not sure if this helps with your question Jayakumar, but I wrote this formula to return the “% Should Be Complete” to flag activities that have not been updated to the status date. The formula shows the % that should be complete as of the status date. Then I compare that to the (actual) % Complete field to identify activities that need status update.

    IIf([Scheduled Finish]<[Status Date],”100″,IIf([Scheduled Start]<[Status Date] And [Scheduled Finish]>=[Status Date],Round((ProjdateDiff([Scheduled Start],[Status Date])/[Scheduled Duration])*100,0),0))

    This helps me in a large schedule to quickly see activities that are not at their expected % complete value.

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    Jayakumar Thulasingam

    Thanks so much for your reply Timothy, I was trying to set a formula like this, Hope so,the one that you created will help me..
    will reply to you once tested. Thanks again!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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