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      Alan Abrahams

      In the table below, “Plan Trial” is the Summary total for the 4 Sub-total tasks below it.
      Each of the 4 Sub-total tasks have from 4-10 tasks each.
      I have reconciled thee “% complete” for each of the 4 Sub-total lines.
      However, I cannot reconcile the “% complete” for thee “Plan Trial” line. It shows as 93% (which is = Actual Duration/Duration) BUT is does not match the weighted calculation based on the 4 Sub-totals below.
      Does anyone know why this occurs?

      Task Name Start Finish Duration % Complete Actual Duration
      Plan trial Mon 8/08/16 Fri 23/09/16 35 days 93% 32.57 days
      Draft and Approve Requirements Specification Mon 22/08/16 Thu 8/09/16 14 days 100% 14 days
      Prepare trial implementation plan Mon 22/08/16 Wed 14/09/16 18 days 97% 17.43 days
      Plan how to place the device into the vehicle Mon 8/08/16 Fri 23/09/16 35 days 54% 18.93 days
      Specify Trial Case(s) Mon 15/08/16 Wed 14/09/16 23 days 100% 23 days

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Try the article here and see if that helps:
      Hope that helps…

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      Alan Abrahams

      Hi Larry,

      I had already worked through this document but it did not give me the answer I am seeking.
      I applied exactly the same logic as the example in this article, but my equivalent to the “Top Summary” does not result in the correct outcome for me.

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      We’ve run into two items that may be causing your scenario.
      1) The Summary Task is a manually scheduled task. When it is configured this way, the automatic roll up / summarization of the sub-tasks does not occur. Change the summary task to auto scheduled.
      2) There’s a scheduling option (File>Options>Schedule) “Updating task status updates resource status” that should be checked. if you hover over the information icon next to this option, you’ll see that it impacts calculations of % complete.

      No guarantees, but try checking these two items.

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