How make an activity C depend on activity A OR activity B?

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      Assume you have two suppliers competing in delivering the same product (A and B) to your project. You will select the one the is delivered first for the rest of the project (C).

      Can you link activities A and B to C in such a way that C will start when either A OR B is finished?

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      Larry Christofaro

      Michael, good question. To solve your problem, the way to do this is to create milestones that are dependent on each of the two deliveries and place the milestones inside a summary task. Then set your task that starts the rest of your project dependent on the “start” of the summary task. I have a blog that describes this general concept

      A simpler approach of course is to simply create a task for the delivery of the product with an estimated delivery date. Assuming you don’t know who will be delivering the product first tells me that the planned delivery will be the same date. Good luck…

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