how to add weekends as a workday to my gannt chart ?

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      Hi, i m a new user of ms project 2013. i m trying to prepare my own schedule, but program ignores the weekends. i want to change it. could you please somebody help me to fix this? thanks 🙂

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      Larry Christofaro

      You can add weekends by setting up the standard calendar. Use the Change Working Time in the Project ribbon. Go to the Work Weeks tab and set Saturday and Sunday to the appropriate working times. Hope this helps…

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      Hello, i would like to ask nearly the same. I have created a one-year project with subprojects, and the program takes off weekends from time intervallums. I would like to see the WHOLE project with weekend days. How can i set this? Thank you in advance.

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      Larry’s advice did not work at all 🙁

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      I could do it, thank you.

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      Rick Yoder

      When I build a 6 work day calendar to include Saturdays in my work week and I set the calendar for a task in the advance tab, to 6 day work Calendar…my task using the 6 day calendar start having 1/2 days or partial days show up on the Guant Chart.
      How do I correct this?
      Note: I use MS Project for scheduling construction projects…we don’t use the Resource Loading or Hours…we strictly use whole days.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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