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      Hello everyone
      A task with 48 hours of duration cannot have delays and the work will continue until its completion.
      For this task will be assigned resources of different shifts (day and night).My doubt is, if the task starts 15:30PM it means that on the first day the task will have only a part of the day and will continue during the night with the night shift workers starting 18:00. How can I assign the resources so the MS Project can calculate it properly?
      Thanks for you support.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Interesting scenario. You have 48 hours to spread across three shifts but you don’t know the exact distribution until the task actually starts, and calculating from a planned start is probably impossible based on the dependencies of prior tasks. One question that I can only provide an assumption is whether you know the task is “exactly” 48 hours or is that an estimated amount. I’ll give you the easy answer. Assign the three shifts equally until the task starts. It’s a 48 hour task so you have over a week to make an adjustment, and if it’s not a known exact 48 hours then it will always be an estimate.

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      Thank you for your reply
      I work on oil industry and it involves a well planned schedule due the costs involved.
      Sometimes maintenance is necessary, where we need to Shutdown a gas or water train (partially shutdown the plant) and the client allows us some specific time for completion the maintenance. So we cannot have delays – This is why I had precise 48 hours on my example.

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      Anthony Warrix

      I was also working on a 24 hour task when I read your post.

      1. Set project calendar to 24 hours
      2. Set timescale middle tier = days bottom tier = hours
      3. Generate tasks for the appropriate shifts (I used 3 – 8 hour shifts)
      4. assign resources
      48 hour task started at Friday at 3:30pm and ended on Sunday at 3:30pm = 48hours

      Send me your email and I’ll send you the project plan (2010)


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      I have 3 workers of type A working in day shift and 2 workers of type A working in night shift.
      I want to assign 1 of type A workers to work on a task. I want that MS Project choose one based on its availability (night shift or day shift). what should I do?

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