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      Using MS Project Pro 2013, I am adding work and material resources to summary tasks.  When I finish entering the resources, the project cost is calculated correctly.  Each time I close the project and open it again, the resources and materials are filled to the length of the duration.  This is increasing the project cost.  Can someone please inform me what I am missing?  I thought by changing the summary task type from Fixed Duration (which is greyed out in the task form, so I can’t change it) to fixed units, it may solve the situation?

      I do not have the cost breakdown for each task, only the overall cost for the summary tasks.  This is for a construction project, so I’m attempting to use the Time Oriented scheduling method…

      Any suggestions be appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

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      Birgit Benson

      To my knowledge – the summary task type cannot be changed at all.

      I have not tried to replicate your scenario – but have you considered entering dummy child tasks for each resource underneath the Summary Task and assign the resources to those tasks?


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      Hi Birgit,

      Do you mean a hammock task?  That might work actually, as I could then fix the units for the duration, and regardless if the duration changes, the cost would stay the same as this is relating to a fixed contract work…  I’ll try it and report back.


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      I have not used MSOP 2013.

      However, Summary tasks are just that, a summary and should only be used to rollup the data under it. I would recommend as noted above to create a task under the summary that captures your cost.
      Good Luck!

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      I do this by changing tasks under the summary to Fixed Units (or Fixed Duration, Fixed Work). After all, it is the task that has such a characteristic. It is possible (2013) to select many tasks and change all at once.

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