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      Sam C

      For the job I am scheduling a tool is being milled. A certain part of this tool needs to be in a certain department to get work done on in, but the part cant be in two different departments at one time and a department cant be working on two parts at the same time. I’m not sure how to assign the part and the department to be resources without the work time or resource amount being altered. For example if I assign the “grinding department” and the “core” to be resources for the task “finish Grinding” then it either takes half as long as necessary because two resources are working on it at the same time, or the core and grinding department are available for other work during that period. neither of these are acceptable. It also doesn’t work to assign the “core” to be a material resource because then project doesn’t look for conflicts with the core scheduling. Any advice would be great.

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Interesting question. This is a response based on what you wrote, but let me toss some thoughts at you:
      1. Assign both the department and part to the same task but mark the task as effort driven-no. This will assign both full-time
      2. Now you can validate (manually or using Microsoft leveling) whether the department/part is overbooked (two places/parts at the same time.
      3. Total work will be overstated. You could group your resources into either Department or Part, and then check total work using the resource sheet (not Gantt chart)
      Hope that helps…Larry

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