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      Pawan Kumawat

      E.g one project of new software implementation is company is going to happen.
      There are 600 activities and 20 resources but only 3 resource will work delicately for 600 activities but there are 17 members will participate in those activities for inputs, approval and workshop, i want to allocate Hrs to those 17 resource also against 600 activities. how can i do that in one go.

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      There is a way to do what you want, with an assumption that each of the 17 resources are assigned with the same assignment units to each task. Basically, you can assign multiple resources to multiple tasks in one click by doing the following.
      1) Make sure all resources are defined in the resource sheet and all tasks are created.
      2) In some task oriented view, Using standard windows techniques, shift click or ctrl click to select all the tasks you want to group assign resources to.
      3) With all those tasks selected, click the Assign Resources button in the Resource tab. This opens a pop-up Assign Resources window showing all available resources.
      4) In the Assign Resources window use the same windows shift click/ctrl click process to select all the resources you want to assign to all the selected tasks.
      5) Click the Assign button in the Assign Resources window

      All selected resources are now assigned to all selected tasks.
      But we also need to adjust the Assignment Units…

      6) With all tasks selected, all assigned resources will now show a check mark on the left, within the Assign Resource pop-up window. All the checked resources should group at the top of the Assign Resources list. For each checked resource, with all tasks still selected, enter the Units value (Assignment Units). This value will be used as the Assignment Units for that resource on every selected task.
      7) Enter the Units value for all checked resources

      That’s the basic process.

      However let me also ask/suggest something. How critical is it that you as the PM know how many hours each of the 17 resources applied to each of the 600 tasks? Are those 17 resources going to be keeping track of how much time they spent on each of the 600 tasks? Because, we can make life much simpler for you as the PM and the 17 resources. For example, you could create one task (or monthly, or quarterly tasks) for the 17 resources which is where they would report time for all their support activities, regardless of the task. Which means that the 600 tasks would only have the actual resources doing the work assigned. Having only the resource(s) assigned to the 600 tasks that are actually doing the work will make your life as a PM much easier if you plan to do scheduling and leveling. So ask yourself, what is the benefits of having 17 resources assigned to all 600 tasks? If there’s no real reason to assign them at that level, you can greatly simplify everyone’s lives by giving them one, or a couple tasks to apply all that support time into.

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