I’d like sort order saved as part of my custom view – is this possible?

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      Is it possible to define a custom view that uses a specific sort order whenever it’s invoked?


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      Joseph Wharton

      I don’t believe this is possible. Tip: remove Summary headers (Format / Show/Hide / Summary Tasks) for a complete Sort of all tasks.

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      Yes it is possible.

      Apply your sort criteria and then save a copy of your current view (lets say you name it “Sorted View”).

      Anytime you select this “Sorted View”, the sort criteria will be applied.


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      Is there a method to apply to filtering as well as sorting ?
      For example, can a filter be applied and saved as part of the current view and then save as “Filtered View”.
      Specifically : Filter = Show Tasks Between Task ID 50 and Task ID 100.

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      To save your filter with a view, go to the View tab and click on Gantt Chart dropdown menu in the Task Views group.

      Then click on More Views and in the More Views dialog, click on Copy button.

      This will open the View Definition dialog. You can now give the name “Filtered View” and in the Filter dropdown, select your special Filter. Remember to select the “Show in menu” checkbox so that this View appears under your views list (Gantt Chart dropdown).

      This new “Filtered View” will also follow the sort criteria that was applied before it was saved.

      If you still struggle with the outlined steps, let me know at plannersplace.com and I’ll produce a short video for you.

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      Thank you for this.
      I did create the View with a “Task Range Filter” applied and the system (MSP 2013 Std.) does work however, the Task Range (Tasks Between Task ID 50 and Task ID 100) is not stored, so the system pops up with the Task Range Dialog Box asking for the Task IDs. I suspect this might be the same for Date Filter too…. although other filters like “Milestones” did work OK.

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      If you use the default “Task Range” & “Date Range” filters that come with Microsoft Project, you will always be prompted to enter range values, since these are dynamic filters.

      Create custom Task Range or Date Range filters and they will be saved with your View. An example of a custom task range filter shown below.

      Custom Task Range Filter

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      Tried your method and it worked perfectly… thank you… I have been looking for this technique for some time. KMD

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