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    Bob Hillier

    I am trying to insert monthly user fee as a material resource. For my program, this is a variable fee from month to month depending on how many users we have. Each successive month we incrementally have more users.
    I have defined the user fee as a material resource with cost as $199 and Accrue At = Prorated.
    I have 12 tasks (called Jan to Dec) with start at the beginning of the respective month and end-date at Dec 31 of the year. The duration of the task is the number of months to the end of the year. eg Mar duration is 10 mon
    I assign the number of user fees on a per month basis e.g the Mar task has 7 users assigned with units=7/mon. Work shows as 70.
    The difficulty is that MS Project is translating this to a hourly (or daily) charge and recognizes variable cost depending on the number of days in the month. I want the cost to be fixed monthly value at the end of each month. Can I do this? If so then how?

    I have defined the user fee as a material resource with std rate of $199. I have it defined as Prorated (could this be the problem?) End or Start put the full cost at the end or the start (not what I want). I assign based on resource/mo.

    Am I trying to get too complicated?
    Is there a good reference that discusses material resources and how to use them in different situations?

    May thanks for comments.


    Julie Sheets

    Hi Bob,

    Have you thought about using a cost resource instead? You can assign a cost resource and specify the cost at each assignment. I don’t 100% follow setting the duration to 10 months (for example) for a monthly charge. Consider setting up a milestone (can be manually scheduled) for either the start or end of the month. Create the cost resource and when you assign you enter the cost for the fee on a monthly basis.

    Does that help?

    Bob Hillier

    This is complicated. Requires a recurring task with a milestone per month for project duration to assign the resource cost.
    This could work.

    Marcelo Guedes

    Hello Bob,

    Unfortunately, the behaviour you described is the correct from the software standpoint. Keep in mind that you also can solve this question adjusting, directly in right-side (chronological view), the assignments units’ from each month (but I particularly believe that is not an elegant solution).



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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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