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      Laura Stevens

      We are using enterprise project types in Project Server 2010, and have created project plan templates for them.  I have a macro to save the ‘baseline save date’ to a custom field. It works fine when added to an individual project, so I added it to the project plan template. If I create a new plan off this template (using File New), the macro is there and works. However, when I create through an EPT, the macro does not get created in the project plan at all.  I thought that might be a limitation of creating off a template through PWA, so I then tried adding the macro to the Enterprise Global. However, even when creating a new project in Project Professional and saving it directly on the server, the macro is not running on project save. Shouldn’t macros in Enterprise Global run for all projects?  I have macro security turned off, so that is not the inhibitor, and verified the macro is in the Global + non-cached Enterprise VBA object. Thanks for any advice on how to deal with this situation!



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