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      I’m looking for some recommendations on training in the usage of MS Project Server 2007. I’ve been using MS Project for well over a decade and have over 26 years of project management and EVM experience. So I’m looking for training focused on working with MSP Server and not much focus on the basic scheduling techniques. I’m currently looking at attending an on site instructor lead course preferably close to New Haven, CT but am willing to travel. Also, I have not ruled out participating in an on-line class. Any suggestions and/or thoughts will be appreciated. * Thanks *
      -Gene Wilson
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      Hi Gene,
      It appears that you already have PS 2007 deployed and that your need is for a few specific issues that have accumulated over time.  Since most PS Administration classes cover the whole system and end up overwhelming attendees, my approach has been to provide this instruction on the fly, late in the deployment and covering just those topics that are needed at that point in time.  The coverage I’ve provided involves a verbal explanation of how to address the issue, then showing how to do it, and finally, having the user(s) do it themselves.  All in a single conference room or online session.  The downside is that you need to do this periodically to transfer all the knowledge a user may need but… I’ve received much better feedback and results from this approach than the soup to nuts approach.  I’d be happy to provide these services if you choose to go this route.
      Best regards,
      Dave Herbert
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      Take a look at MS Project Pros website (www.msprojectpros.com); the company has a lot of experience with MSP Server 2007 implementation and administration.  They provide onsite and online training that can be tailored for your needs.  Definitely worth considering.
      John Reinheimer
      PMP, PMI-SP, MCP
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