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      I would like to have a Gantt view in WPA project center of the project with the :
      – baseline summary bar (OK, done)
      – Project summary (OK, done)
      – Summary progress (OK, done)
      But I didn’t find the way to display the % of the summary progress (% completed). Could you help me please ?
      (We want to see the % of (duration) completion for the project)

      Is it possible to :
      – either define some text label to display in the “Gantt chart format” of WPA
      – or is it possible to configure the Gantt view of project center in MS project 2010 client with the text properties in the Bar styles windows ?
      – Maybe I must change something in the enterprise global ??

      I change some values in one of my current projects on the MS Project client but it didn’t publish the update in WPA.

      I’m lost !!! Could you please give me some tips ?

      One more question : Why when I’m am up to date in a project (no uncompleted task in the past) the summary progress is not fill in to the current date ? (For example, one of my projects is up to date but I have one week of “uncompleted work” and I don’t understand why => I cannot justify the “delay” because the project is up to date :))

      Thank for your help. I hope I was clear enough 🙂

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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Cedahlia, two good questions.
      1. There is a function for formatting Gantt views that is specific to PWA, and are not Microsoft Project views. Unfortunately, if I understand your question correctly, I don’t believe you can setup a progress bar for summary tasks. I didn’t test it, but am only assuming from looking at the options.
      2. The % Complete progress is based on duration, not work, and can sometimes not line up exactly as you might want. For instance, if you had more total duration in the first half of a summary rollup duration than the second half of the duration, the summary progress might show slightly off a bit. That’s the way it works. It is based on the duration complete, not the Status date.

      Probably not the news you were looking for, but I hope it at least helps in understanding.

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      Hello Larry

      Thank you very much for your reply !

      I will add manually the % in my presentation 🙂

      Thank you very much !


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