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      Carlos Santos


      Happy New Year!
      How can I set a Monthly Cash Flow that ends every day 20 of each month. That means: consider all work and costs performed between day 21 and day 20 of next month.
      Can I have a Project Report accordingly to those dates?

      Carlos Santos

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      Its been a while since I looked at this, but I believe PWA has a configuration option to define the fiscal year periods. If you are using PWA, click the gear icon to access settings and you’ll find something like “Manage Fiscal Periods”. (Not sure of the exact wording)
      Once in there you can define standard period structures like 5-5-4, but I also believe you can create custom periods based on manually entered dates.
      While our organization didn’t use these periods for reporting, I believe that these defined fiscal periods can be used in reporting.
      Hope this helps

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      Larry Christofaro

      Hi Carlos, Daryl is absolutely right if you are working with Project Server/Online. Fiscal periods make reporting a lot easier. If you aren’t using Project Server/Online your solution is a bit harder. There isn’t an easy button is the Project client, but some options include
      (1) Copy and paste data from a Usage view daily format to Excel. This is a bit manual if you want to do it on a regular basis
      (2) Visual Reports. There’s a couple of cash flow reports that might work for you. Select the by day option and then filter as needed. I haven’t tried it but worth giving it a try.
      Hope that helps.

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      Carlos Santos

      Dears Daryl and Larry

      Thanks a lot for yours answers and concern.
      I will check if I can use one of yours solution.


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