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      guy forget

      I am teaching Ms-Project and project-management around the world for over 18 years. New version were normally, well accepted. This is not the case for 2013 the main reason turns around reports. Not the new report’s format but the fact old format cannot be opened with 2013.
      I have many customers that over years have created dozens of reports sometimes using customized tables, filters and/or groups. In many cases those reports became a standard in their business, industry and with their suppliers.
      Few months ago I made the suggestion to MS-Canada, to bring back old reports version through a service pack and let the user make is own decision. It is to me a matter of respect for customers using Ms-Project for years.
      The answer was we won’t do it, it is up to the user to find a solution. Disappointing is not it!
      Since major donors of work have tendency to stick with older version, and that it will take years before everyone will be with 2013 and after what are your suggestions?

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